Health Benefits of Cumin

by Inaaya: Shop Smarter on 12/02/2021

An integral part of the Indian kitchen, cumin seeds are commonly known as ‘jeera’ in every household. Besides being one of the key ingredients in every other desi cooked vegetable and dish, it also comes with many health benefits. These tiny seeds are power-packed with medicinal perks including relief to digestion problems, headaches, immune system, and more.

Its health advantages are so many that one can call it a super seed too. Here are some of the benefits of cumin seeds below!

6 Reasons Why Cumin is a must-have in your daily diet ?


1. Aids in faster digestion
The latest studies prove that the inclusion of cumin in your diet can relieve several, digestion related issues. In one research, cumin extract has been shown to significantly reduce irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms like stomach ache, bloating, and the sudden need to visit the washroom.

Since ancient times, cumin has continued to remain a famous remedy for curing diarrhea and other stomach problems. You will also find various Ayurvedic practitioners and Naturopaths talking about its benefits for digestive concerns. The pharmaceutical industry has also started to realize the advantage of this powerful spice to treat indigestion.


2. A powerhouse of nutrition
Cumin seeds are packed with flavonoids that function as antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals that can lead to cell damage. Free radical damage can not only cause dangerous diseases like high blood pressure, cancer, or heart problems but can also affect your skin, making it age faster. What’s more? This wonder spice is also a good source of calcium, iron, and vitamin A.

3. Known for its antibacterial properties
Cumin as opposed to other spices, has plenty of anti-bacterial properties which can help kill the growth germs and bacteria in your body. In a recent research, cumin was shown to kill microorganisms such as E.coli which is responsible for causing food poisoning in many cases. Due to its antibacterial benefits many households use this spice in their daily meals.

4. Helps control diabetes
Diabetes is one of the most widely spread diseases in our nation today. People suffering from this condition often find it difficult to keep it in control. The good news is cumin can help people with diabetes regulate its symptoms and effects. In traditional science cumin is used as an anti-diabetic drug that helps lower the level of urea in your blood. Urea is an organic compound that interferes with your body’s response to insulin. Studies conducted on animals state that cumin may help regulate blood sugar. However, there’s more research required to support this statement.

5. Regular consumption may help boost your memory
Now that’s a benefit we’re all been eyeing on! And yes, you heard that right, cumin extracts can help stimulate your central nervous system in order to make it more active and effective. With regular intake of this spice, you can control your limbs more efficiently and get a sharper memory. What’s even better is that cumin is also known to parkinson’s disease due it benefits to the body’s central nervous system function.

6. May help prevent some types of cancer
As mentioned before, cumin is a rich source of antioxidants that help kill free radicals. These free radicals can not multiply cause various diseases but many also lead to cancer. Tumors are an accumulation of these abnormal cells. Research conducted on animals states that cumin extracts can help prevent the growth of these tumours in your body. It can fight and prevent tumors in your liver, stomach and colon. However, there may be more research required to prove that it can do the same for humans.

7. Lowers cholesterol
Well balanced cholesterol levels are essential for maintaining heart health. And to balance your cholesterol you need to balance your diet. Including cumin in your diet may help to a great extent as cumin is proven to lower (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides which are known as bad cholesterol. While it increases (HDL) cholesterol which is good for your system.

While cumin is widely known for its flavoring benefits, it’s a lot more than just a spice that’s often used in your food. It has various health benefits that can keep a number of diseases at bay. Cumin’s antifungal and antibacterial properties can prevent stomach infections to a great extent. The skin care industry has also started to realize its importance and has introduced a range of products that ensure healthy glowing skin.

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