Health benefits of walnuts

by Inaaya: Shop Smarter on 18/03/2021

Who does not like walnuts? It has been known to be the most beloved snack for almost thousands of years now. It is called by its ancient name in Latin that is Juglans Regia, which means “Jupiter’s royal acorn.”

These spread through Asia and Europe and originated in Persia. In the 1700s, they were brought to California by the Spanish missionaries. You must know that in today’s date, most of the walnuts are grown in the U.S. but some of them are grown in the Midwest as well.

Persian walnuts are the members of the Juglandaceae family, also known as english walnuts. Pecans and hickory are their close relatives. These are said to be grown about the size of a golf in a tan shell and also have a seam around the center. If you want a bumpy, golden brown nut, you just have to split the shell at the seam and there you have it!

However, the skin of the walnut might have a slightly bitter flavour, but the nut is pretty much mild, earthy, and also a little tangy.

1. Good for the brain

They have some important phytochemicals that we humans need as well as have a high amount of polyunsaturated fats that will give some potential benefits for both the brain and improve its function. If you want to reduce oxidative stress, omega-3 fatty acids play a part in that. They also help to improve brain signalling and neurogenesis, that is the creation of neurons.
There are other important nutrients like vitamin E and as well as the good fats, folate and ellagic acid are also found in walnuts. They also contribute to neuroprotection and improve the memory function.

2. Mood-boosting

If you want to make progress in the development and function of the central nervous system, omega-3 fatty acids are the way to go about it. It is chemically tried and tested that omega-3 can make a good change in certain mood disorders too.

3. Heart healthy

The walnut oil has favourable benefits that can manage endothelial function. This is said to be the lining of the inside of the blood and lymphatic vessels. It is also stated that if you consume walnuts on a daily basis, it will help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. A research was made between two whole walnuts about how they can improve the levels of cholesterol and markers for inflammation. This also plays a vital role in reducing the risk of heart diseases.
A study that was made by the British Journal of Nutrition says that those who consume walnuts for almost 4 times a week, their risk of coronary heart diseases is reduced by 37 per cent.

4. May support weight loss

It is said that there has been some evidence that states or demonstrates that consuming walnuts in the place of foods will help you keep your weight intact. They will not make you gain weight even though they are energy rich, offering a great snack and also are the alternatives for those who are looking to manage their weight.

5. Support a healthy digestive system

An animal research that was made recently says that the consumption of walnuts can enrich the gut microbiome and also increase the good bacteria strains. This could offer more benefits to humans if more research is made.

From the above information on walnuts and its health benefits, it is evident that consuming these will make you stay healthy and that is what we are looking for, aren’t we? Because if we are healthy, our body is healthy, only then will we be able to be on our toes all the time.

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