What is Wall Art?

by Inaaya: Shop Smarter on 12/02/2021

An intricate part of interior design and home décor, wall art is nothing but that last finishing touch to any living space. It is any element of décor that finds home on a wall. From paintings and a series of photo frames to decorative hangings and creative showpieces that can be hanged, wall art includes endless options under it. Often regarded as an accessory or just another part of interior décor, wall art is, in fact, heavy with a larger role in a place’s ambience. A room with all kinds of décor elements that lacks wall art may feel bland and render a mood without any substance or character. That’s what the power of wall art is in your space’s vibe.

One may not realize how much weight of the space’s aura your wall art carries, but it does. It can be called that finishing touch that can make or break the entire look and feel of an abode. Whether you’re someone who prefers a neutral palette or a rather colourful home décor, you can accordingly play with the colour of your wall art. Based on your preferences, your wall art can either be a dominant part of your space’s colour spectrum or pose as complementing accents to the main colour theme.

Now, you may be aware that every room needs a focal point to cast a balanced impression. Wall art can easily be that focal point for any room. Of course, considering you choose the right size for that respective room. An over-sized wall art or an extremely small one may either appear too hovering or too insignificant respectively. Similarly, depending on the feel and mood you want to exude with your interiors, wall art can be an active catalyst in this regard. Say, if you wish to radiate elegance and sophistication, you could choose abstract art or mirror pieces, or tapestry or a photo collage for a more bohemian and intimate vibe.

Although there can be countless kinds of wall décor, there are some broad types that people think of first at the mention of wall art. Here they are!

 1. Paintings
The most common and hands on, the most efficient. Paintings have been the go-to option for most people over the years, when it comes to wall art. Now, paintings can be of many types, and that is exactly the kind of versatility you can have if you go for this type of wall art. From abstract canvas and sceneries to portraits and personalized paintings, this kind of wall décor can never go out of style.

2. Photographs
At the end of the day, it is your own space that you’re decorating, so it should certainly reflect your own life. There is no better way to bring in that instant homeliness and a personal touch to your home than with a set of your photographs. Opt from a variety of different kinds of frames that click with the rest of the décor and feel of your home, and hang up a couple of large photographs or a series of small frames.


3. Personalized Wall Art
Another great way to personalize your décor and bring an intimate touch through wall décor is to get customized metal or wooden wall showpieces. It could be a special date, a special word, a meaningful quote, or anything that matters. Materialize that sentiment into a wall piece for your abode.


4. Mirrors & Textiles
An elegant way to amp up a room is by introducing the grandeur of some mirrors on the wall. This style of wall décor is simple yet underrated. All it takes is one statement mirror or a set of regular sized mirrors, placed strategically on a wall, to set the tone for a modern home decor. Moreover, to invite a bohemian or a laid-back vibe, one can also hang printed or embellished tapestry, rugs, and other textiles on the wall as a wallpaper or a casual wall décor.

5. Multipurpose Wall Art
Multipurpose décor elements like creatively placed shelves on the wall are a fantastic way to make good use of the space. At the same time, they also strike an aesthetically pleasing ambience on a wall. Planters, books, photo frames, and other show pieces can make for great accessories on wall shelves.

6. Naturistic
Another type of wall art that also includes getting in touch with nature is this. Paintings of naturistic elements or even vertical gardens can be immensely beautiful on the wall, while also rendering the many perks of being close to nature. Not to forget, planters on a shelf!

While there are many diverse types of wall art, it all comes down to what your choices are and what kind of a mood and ambience you want to create with your wall decor. Moreover, it is imperative to understand that the role of wall art is not just to add value to your living space but also to reflect your personality. So, evaluate what you want and add that texture and substance to your room by buying wall art online. All you need then is to know how to play around with the different elements of your home and placing your wall art in the right way.

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