Which Dry Fruits are Good for Cholesterol?

by Inaaya: Shop Smarter on 12/02/2021

As they say, too less or too much of everything can pose as a hazard. It is the same with most elements in our body, including cholesterol. Some people get scared off at the mention of cholesterol, with the assumption that it is a health concern. However, what is important to note is that some level and type of cholesterol is, in fact, necessary for your body and its normal functioning. There is a good kind of cholesterol that is found in your blood, which contributes to building body cells and discarding the bad kind of cholesterol from your bloodstream. This High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) is the good kind that also helps make hormones and aids food digestion.

The bad kind of cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) is one that can build up in your blood vessels and obstruct the passageways. This can readily increase the risk of coronary diseases, strokes, and other serious health concerns. Now, in the contemporary lifestyle, healthy eating habits and exercise routines can go for a toss, leading to cholesterol problems. What can help control these levels is just making some lifestyle changes. Regular body movements, staying off some food that includes saturated and trans fat, and including more of fibre can help regulate cholesterol levels.

When it comes to fibre, you don’t necessarily have to break your head over forming a diet plan. All you got to do is include some fibre foods like oats, chia seeds, fruits, sprouts, and of course, dry fruits. Filled with a zillion health benefits, dry fruits not only serve you your dose of nutrients but also prevent certain health concerns. If you’re wondering which dry fruit is good for your cholesterol, here is your guide.

1. Dried Apples
According to research, women who included dried apple in their daily diet for a year, reported a solid decrease in their cholesterol levels. By the end of the study, what researchers noted was that all these women who at dried apples for cholesterol also showed a lower rate of not just bad cholesterol but also lipid hydroperoxide that leads to cell damage in the body, and C-reactive protein that is a sign of inflammation in the body. What was more interesting that these women who ate about 240 calories more a day with these dry apples, in fact, showed a weight loss instead of a weight gain. Not just tasty, now you know what other benefit dry apples have!

2. Dates
If your aim is to reduce your cholesterol levels, then what you’re looking for is more sources of soluble fibre in your diet. Now, dates for cholesterol is perfect, being a good source of soluble fibre. However, while dates do contribute to regulated cholesterol, they also come with more calories than other fruits and dry fruits. This only means more weight gain too, which means that as you try to bring your cholesterol level down by including dates in your diet, do so mindfully. Include only a couple of dates per sitting to gain the perks but not the weight.

3. Prunes
Steeped in nutrition, Prunes have quite a reputation when it comes to helping with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. According to studies, people who drink prune juice or eat five to six prunes every morning have lower levels of bad cholesterol and a regulated blood pressure. Since this dry fruit contains soluble fibre that is known to help cholesterol levels, it is a great choice for someone who wishes for a moderate cholesterol level and an optimum heart health.

4. Figs
Out of the other dry fruits that help with regulated cholesterol level, another great option is fig. Figs come filled vitamins A, E and K and antioxidants, and are a great source of soluble fibre. As we all know, that is exactly what is needed to lower levels of bad cholesterol in your body. When you consume foods with soluble fibre, the bacteria that colon contains ferments that fibre. That process of fermentation then results in compounds that block the formation and rise of cholesterol in your body. This, in turn, leads to low levels of cholesterol streaming your blood vessels. Figs also help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

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